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The student surpassed the teacher as a new Mr.Olympia was crowned at Orleans Arena tonight in Las Vegas. Thirty-one-year-old Phil “The Gift” Heath overthrew friend, mentor and reigning Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler to become the 13th person to hold the coveted title.

A tearful Heath was lavish in his praise of runner-up Cutler. “I hope I can be half the man Jay Cutler has been to the sport,” said Heath. “That man is something special.”

Finishing third was Kai Greene, the placing a significant improvement over his number seven showing on the Olympia stage in 2010. Also improved was “Dominican Dominator” Victor Martinez who came back from a disappointing 8th place last year to place fourth.

This year’s Mr. Olympia top 10 (click for Saturday night posing galleries):

1: Phil Heath
2: Jay Cutler
3: Kai Greene
4: Victor Martinez 
5: Dennis Wolf
6: Dexter Jackson
7: Toney Freeman
8: Brandon Curry
9: Ronny Rockel
10: Hidetada Yamagishi

Brennan Storr writes the blog Largely the Truth