And now the Fitness America Weekend?


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Debating another trip down to Vegas for the 2011 Fitness America Weekend (Nov. 18-19) one of Mr. Olympia’s “natural” (no steroids, diuretics) counterparts.

The event schedule is similar to that of Olympia, with Model, Bikini & Figure America competitions as well as the Musclemania America & World Championships.  While I’m certain there are similarities I’m equally certain that the differences between the two would be striking.

Budgetary factors make the journey possible but unlikely.  One day I’ll have to figure out how to get someone else to pay for these trips.

Coming up the weekend before Fitness America is the Mr. Natural Olympia, being held this year in Reno, Nevada.

Brennan Storr writes the blog Largely the Truth


Phil Heath is the New Mr. Olympia


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The student surpassed the teacher as a new Mr.Olympia was crowned at Orleans Arena tonight in Las Vegas. Thirty-one-year-old Phil “The Gift” Heath overthrew friend, mentor and reigning Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler to become the 13th person to hold the coveted title.

A tearful Heath was lavish in his praise of runner-up Cutler. “I hope I can be half the man Jay Cutler has been to the sport,” said Heath. “That man is something special.”

Finishing third was Kai Greene, the placing a significant improvement over his number seven showing on the Olympia stage in 2010. Also improved was “Dominican Dominator” Victor Martinez who came back from a disappointing 8th place last year to place fourth.

This year’s Mr. Olympia top 10 (click for Saturday night posing galleries):

1: Phil Heath
2: Jay Cutler
3: Kai Greene
4: Victor Martinez 
5: Dennis Wolf
6: Dexter Jackson
7: Toney Freeman
8: Brandon Curry
9: Ronny Rockel
10: Hidetada Yamagishi

Brennan Storr writes the blog Largely the Truth